Kristi Reck (Miscampbell) is an award winning choreographer with over 35 years of teaching experience in dance as well as with the Toronto District School Board as an Educational Assistant. Kristi has a genuine love for dance and children and takes pride in the many accomplishments her own students have achieved over her teaching career, both professionally and academically.

Strive Dance Challenge began as an idea back in 2003 as a way to give back the dance community and apply the best practices noted throughout experiences at competitions over the years. Two successful venues were run in 2004 and Strive Dance Challenge has evolved to now include School and University Dance to the locations it runs each year.

Strive Dance Challenge has kept evolving to meet its clients’ needs year after year. We boast over a 90% return rate of studios and schools because we listen to the feedback and apply what is required to ensure our competition continues to run in a positive atmosphere, efficiently and fair. Our competition has been developed with our competitors, parents, teachers and studio directors in mind. This will continue to be the backbone of why we do what we do at each and every venue we run. Strive Dance Challenge will always remain small. We run fewer venues than most competitions so that we can dedicate the time needed to ensure each venue is personalized to our participants and that nothing is left undone.

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Kristi Reck


STRIVE DANCE CHALLENGE…..the competition that puts you first!